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Quadient, formerly known as Neopost, is a manufacturer of mailing equipment and provider of mailing-related services. As of 2019, the company had a direct presence in 29 countries, about 5,693 employees, and annual sales of €1.14 billion. Its products and services are sold in about 90 countries. Neopost is listed in compartment A of Euronext Paris and belongs to the SBF 120 index.

A former customer shares his frustrating experience, "For months now, I have been trying to end my relationship with Neopost/Quadient and have been on more than 10 phone calls, email contacts regarding a machine that I do not want. At first, the representative sent us a machine we did not need. We called and informed that we are returning the machine which remained in the box, unopened. It took Alexis months to send the shipping label and I had to go online to generate a shipping label myself. The new machine was returned. I then requested to return my old (current) machine in which I once again, assured, that a shipping label will be generated in which it never has. Now, I received an invoice for a missing machine and meter for $1,631.25. I have tried calling customer service, spoke to the manager, all to no available. I want to send back their machine, I want to end my service with them. This has caused me numerous hours spent and headaches."


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Funcionário atual - Funcionário confidencial says

"Obrigado por seus comentários e pela honestidade de sua opinião. Eu gostaria de ouvir mais sobre suas experiências. Sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato comigo em"

Ex-funcionário - Funcionário confidencial says

"Salário baixo, gestão míope, progressão ruim na carreira"

Funcionário atual - Gerente De Contas says

"Regras e postes mudando com muita frequência"

Ex-funcionário - Sales Manager says

"Obrigado por compartilhar sua experiência na Quadient. Conforme indicou em seu feedback, estamos fortemente focados em nossa capacidade de responder rapidamente às demandas do mercado e às necessidades de nossos clientes. Estamos também dedicados a desenvolver nossos grandes talentos internos. Como tal, estabelecemos uma parceria global com o LinkedIn Learning para que todos os funcionários possam crescer em suas carreiras. Além disso, nossa recente reorganização regional permite que nos concentremos melhor em nossos escritórios internacionais menores para garantir que sejam totalmente apoiados e bem-sucedidos. Obrigado novamente pelo seu feedback!"

Funcionário atual - Gerente De Contas Sênior says

"A recente globalização das áreas de negócios às vezes tornou o trabalho mais difícil. Problema temporário"

Ex-funcionário - Funcionário confidencial says

"portfólio de produtos em evolução falta de visão geral compartilhada para a empresa"

Ex-funcionário - Analista says

"Empresa de engenharia com algumas ideias que não se adequam ao mundo moderno. Algumas ideias ainda do mundo da engenharia."

Clerical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very Stressful environment with worst management you can possibly encounter. Favoritism plays a key factor as you have people in positions not based on merit but on friendship. The company is based on quantity of work not the quality which makes it difficult to fully serve the customers. Streamlining should be implemented immediately to eliminate high paid administrative assistants who run reports and send e-mails all day everyday. Working at Neopost Sucks the life out of you due to their management and the number of lazy employees who do not take responsibility to follow through but just hand off.Too stressful for minimum compensation"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"The supervisor in the tech support team was incompetent and had zero integrity. She would pick the worst calls to grade at her monthly performance reviews, and that eroded trust completely."

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about you or your home life and the do not honor their STD and LTD policies. They force you to work 12-16 hour shifts during inventory."

SR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"Neopost has some good products but there is a reason why they are not the market leader. Out of touch, suit and tie workplace culture, high pressure sales environment and mediocre compensation and benefits. Management is slow to adapt to industry changes.Decent productsPoorly managed"

Leasing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"During my employment at Neopost, one individual was fired every payday as the manager's form of motivating her department. There were also political alliances formed between individuals who had previously worked at other equipment leasing companies prior to their employment with Neopost. Raises and advancement at Neopost did not appear to be administered based on seniority or capability.None.Too many to list."

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"worked there for over 20 years, we were bought out from Hasler to Neopost. After the buyput the french corp office used the CT employees to move their operations from California to CT and then laid everyone off from the original company after promises of not doing it to us. They walked all the hard working dedicated employees out and now the company is going down the tubes and sucks to work for. They don't care about their employees and nobody there knows what they are doing.NoneAll"

Rep (Former Employee) says

"The collections Department has the worst management ever!!"

Admin (Former Employee) says

"All I can say is that the company culture is extremely toxic in that the people who I met were unethical and very NON customer focused. I would not recommend working in this dying industry."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Neopost ... soon to be Quadient. This company is a meat grinder. It's a sales position managed by Management tends to be robotic and stiff. Low pay...heavy workload."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you like being micro-managed, love entering stuff in Salesforce all day, and generally enjoy working in an industry that peaked 20 years ago and continues to die off a little more every year, then work here."

Order Entry Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Poor management in Order Entry. No communication. Unrealistic goals. Working mandatory OT - at the end of every month. Manager sets the goals but doesn't know how to actually do the job.Free lunch, dinner when working mandatory OTWorking late at the end of the month - not being able to take vacation at the end of the month"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"This organization in the USA is basically run like a small business that is running out of money and clients. The management outside of local markets is filled with copier company executives that failed and have bounced around from job to job trying to find a business hardware company to call home. Problem: The mailing business is in a 7% decline each year, and all leased business is shrinking at an alarming rate. They don't know how to sell software, so they go week to week looking for "wins" each 5-7 days of hardware from Pitney Bowes. Pitney Bowes can and will win if selling on cost. And in this shrinking market of mailing hardware, folks just don't want to buy mailing equipment as online mailing etc requires less costly lease or no lease etc. The local management lacks the ability to look beyond an immediate sale in 5-7 days, as they have very short time to develop sales. The end result is that the sales that are done are Smallish, and are discounted to the point of the Account Executive making very little as they will lower selling commissions as they discount on every deal. The folks that can sell software, are the "specialists" of the company however, they seems to leave as they have a market value outside of Neopost. Once they figure out this company, they typically leave inside 3 years... End of the day: only work here if you have short term plans, as the management is not going to invest time in you, and will want immediate results. Not making budget = getting fired, with no severance, or notice, but I guarantee you they will fire you with not making budget eachFreedom to make your week.Lack of support in training, career advancement, and trust !"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Was promised so much but provided so little . No support from management, you have to tell them how to do there jobs . Then if your darker skinned you are treated like you can’t be smart . Management all has to go to Heather for them to know anything . Don’t provide further training tell you things will be one way but try to set you up instead of build you into a career . Unless you walk around being a snitch instead of coming in to do your job . Overall the worst disorganized company to work for.PayShort breaks, stressful environment, management doesn’t care about you if you have color in your skin, A lot of favoritism."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very unfair and undisciplined company too much favoritism don't treat everyone the same age discrimination no room for advancement just not a very good place to work I wouldn't recommend management and supervisor are very unprofessional"

Supervisor, Leasing Cash (Former Employee) says

"As a manager, I enjoyed working with my group and improving the department operating procedures. It was a joy working directly with Human Resource Management.bonus programsPoor management"

Senior Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"This company constantly bills the customers incorrectly, pay their employees incorrectly, and constantly have flaws in their reporting systems which accounts for a lot of the errors. The company is run and owned by some random French management that changes every quarter/year, the local management lack education and are constantly replaced with personnel that will do more work for less money.its a job but keep in mind there are plenty of better paying and better quality jobs available.It’s a jobEverything about the place"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This company wants the most out you of but they give you no satisfaction in return. Management and their clicks are all out for them selves. If you don't belong to the click your are back stabbed and treated like garbage.Executive male chauvinist company. Too many chiefs but not enough Indians. Typical day was multi tasking to the point of exhaustion. The hardest part of the job was going there everyday. The most enjoyable part was going home at 5pm. You couldn't take the vacation days that you specifically wanted.You could only take the days that management said were available.45 minute lunch breakBack stabbing management click"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"ProShip recruiters post some jobs under their parent company NeoPost USA. This review is on ProShip. Take this as a warning that ProShip's recruiters will lie to you about the company and about their job postings just to get you in. Note that ProShip is doing this illegally because of the Wisconsin Statute 103.43, which forbids a company from persuading a worker to leave another company under false representations. Management has a lengthy history of lying to its employees and customers. If you are ok with constantly being lied to by your manager then you may enjoy this place. If you are not ok with it, I highly encourage you to look elsewhere. All of that being said, there are employees who work very hard and do the right thing. They do not get rewarded for their hard work but they are great people to work with. You are expected to put in well over 40 hours a week and this has a very big impact on your work-life balance. Unfortunately, any sort of bonuses and pay increases are extremely rare. I wish there were reviews available when I got recruited by ProShip. Unfortunately, I only had ProShip's word to go by, trusting that it was a great company.some good employeesunethical behavior and dishonesty by management, low pay, no room to move up"

Client Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very poor work environment, however I did learn information on new products in reference to mail systems. Management kept a closed door policy and did not encourage a team focused atmosphere. Co-workers relied upon each to try and obtain information to the best of their knowledge. No proper training materials. Most enjoyable part of the job was consistent work flow."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Good company, very poor management. Layoffs every december! Favoritism in the workplace!!!healthcareshort breaks, $0.30 raises"

Sherri Simoni says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked with. You can NEVER get anyone on the phone. They invoice you for services you have already paid for. I requested to return my equipment 4 months ago and just received an invoice charging me to return my equipment even though I never received the box or labels. I thought Pitney Bowes was bad but now I miss them terribly. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, IT\'S LIKE THE MAFIA, THERE IS NO GETTING OUT. "

Anna says

If only we had looked at reviews beforehand!!"

Robert says

"3 years of hell dealing with Neopost / Quadient. It would take pages for me to detail my experiences dealing with my postage machine and contract as well as monies lost due to the unscrupulous business practises of this company. Finally after all contract obligations were met and machine returned with RMA they still kept charging monthly fees to the credit in my postage acct until my credit was nearly dwindled away. Took months to get my final refund which was less than 50% of what they owed me. Never again!"

Karna Kleven says

"Don't use Neopost ..Quadient
Signed up thought it was a good deal and a couple free months instead a 3 year lease. The postage machine and customer service from Neopost are awful. Trying to return the machine is a nightmare!!! It too from March to June to get it cancelled and had to pay the whole lease upfront!!! They don’t work with you and don’t care about their customers! We chose to pay all the unreasonable charges to leave....... never use Neopost / Quadient again!!!! Pam Frost is the only person in the company that is good to work with!! Monica Tyler is awful to deal with and is rude! Don the manager doesn’t care either!!! Brand new machine and not will to return without a headache and a huge price to pay!!!!! Never go with Quadient / Neopost!!!!"

Anonymous User says

"Horrible company to work with. Fail to do what they say they will do causing repeat calls. Incorrect billing causing hours of calls to dead end numbers. When we reached manager Timothy and asked that we be assigned an account rep that will respond to calls or emails, He said he would. Manager said he would be sure to send the new Mailstation, it never arrived. Left a message on his voicemail of which he nor anyone returned the call. the email address he provided and confirmed...bounced. Hate having to do anything at all with this company."

Anna Curry says

"We ordered a replacement of the ink cartridge that cost us $220 and they sent the wrong one.
I called and waited for 25 min to be connected to someone and then it took the customer service rep another 20 min to place another order to replace the cartridge.
Very poor service. We can't wait for our 3 year contract to end..."

Wendy says

"The postage machine and customer service from Neopost are not good, cancellation of their services is a nightmare. We chose to pay all the unreasonable charges to leave....... never use Neopost again."

Larry Horne says

"Finally cancelled them after several years of bad service for my company. Had to wait to renewal date to cancel. They charged my credit card for service I did not receive. Called them for refund, sent me an application for refund; and after3 months, I called and was informed that it was a mistake, and they did not owe me the refund. They had charged my credit card for the amount, and did not refund. Terrible Company. Do NOT get involved with them."

Diane Harmeier says

"If I could have rated this as -1 I would have done so. I have been trying to cancel and return equipment for a year. I finally got the cancellation which took 2 months, but still no RMA with shipping instructions. Buy stamps, buy any other meter service but avoid this group like the plague!!!"

Mitzi says

"Don't ever use Neopost. The company I work for has been trying to cancel since January of this year (it is now July). Our account is still not cancelled and then they have the audacity to send us a bill for renewal. Customer service (or lack there of) is not helpful at all. In fact, [name] who I had talked to in their cancellation department was beyond rude. He said we were an unprofessional company now because we didn't use their service in printing the postage and "what does that say about your company." It's impossible to cancel as the people that work there won't give you all the information you need to cancel. For instance, if you don't put the case number (which they don't tell you to do) your cancellation will never get looked at. Then they blame you (the customer) for not cancelling correctly. Prior to our cancellation, they had overcharged us by $2400. It took 10 phone calls and 6 months for us to get our refund amount and everything corrected. If we had had more time, we would have cancelled then. We have had NOTHING but PROBLEM after PROBLEM with Neopost. I write this review so that everyone knows not to EVER use Neopost for their postage needs."

Blake says

"Awful customer service. We utilize a Hasler postage machine, Hasler appears to have been acquired be NeoPost. The machine itself works great. However NeoPost customer service is downright terrible. If you call-in for support, good luck getting someone within the next hour. Their online portal is terrible and difficult to get proper access and navigate. I would never utilize their services again. We send our payments in on-time, but they always try to charge us $39 late fees each month on $100 of service. I've have some downright rude CS reps, one even hung-up on me and said he "sneezed" and accidentally hung-up. AVOID, AVOID!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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